Tools for Spiritual Growth

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Navigators 2:7 Series

The 2:7 Series® is a discipleship training curriculum done in small discussion groups. Each of its three workbooks is an 11-week course led by a qualified leader/facilitator.

FInancial Peace University

It's never too late to turn things around. This is your game plan! Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson class on money taught by America's most trusted financial guru.

God’s Will to Heal

In Luke 5:12-13, the man with leprosy asked Jesus if He would heal him. Jesus responded by saying, “Of course I will. Be Healed.” Everybody who ever went to Jesus to be healed was healed. The redemptive work of Jesus includes healing. And that healing, which was provided by grace, must be processed by faith.

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Marriage Today

There is a fierce battle being fought for marriage in America right now, but we can win it. We want to raise the standard. We want to give people help and hope to succeed in marriage.

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The Blessed Life

Our culture is saturated with false teaching on what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it? How can we truly live blessed lives? With humor, passion, and clarity, pastor and bestselling author Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually. He shows that when God changes your heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of your life-journey is affected.

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Bible Reading Plan

Use this tool as an easy to follow easy to read plan to read through the entire Bible. Broken down by a chapter a day, this plan allows you to read at a sustainable pace and I have no clue what I’m writing here I need help.